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6 best tips for lawn maintenance

Unlike other areas in your house, your lawn is a living thing and will require a different approach when it comes to maintenance. To aid in this, check out our top 3 tips below for keeping your lawn green and lush at all times.

Mow your lawn regularly

For those who don’t know, mowing your lawn is probably the simplest yet most effective method to keep your lawn healthy. Apart from the fact that short, freshly cut blades of grass look more appealing, mowing your lawn regularly also stimulates root growth as well as allows for shorter patches of grass to grow. Besides, with stronger roots and thicker blades, your lawn will become thicker and denser. Therefore, to quickly achieve that greenish lawn, you should mow your lawn twice a week.

Mowing correctly

Make sure you use a machine that’s among top reviewed lawnmowers and mow your lawn correctly. The proper height of your lawn should only be about 3-4 inches above the ground. This ensures that it gets enough sunlight and water to grow. Plus, it’s also the best height to promote root growth without killing the stem.

For another thing, after you've finished your mowing session, you can collect the grass clippings to make compost, or you could just leave them on your lawn to enrich the soil.

Water frequently to ensure healthy growth

According to many experts, your lawn will need 1 to 1.5 inches of water every week to grow and thrive. If you water less than this, your grass will likely dry up and turn brown. On the other hand, too much water on your lawn will flood the soil, increasing the chances of rotten roots, especially in areas with lots of clay content.

That being said, you should follow our instructions to make sure the grass receives enough water. Also, you can try to water less frequently to promote root growth.

Knowing your lawn structures

For every owner, it’s important that you have a complete map of your entire lawn drafted up or printed in your mind. That way, you’ll know the types of greens, their health, the winds, sunlight, and so on. This is extremely useful when you’re trying to come up with a complete plan for lawn maintenance. For those who often do their own lawn mowing, you’ll find it extremely easy to come up with a map of your own lawn.

Fertilize your lawn every once in a while

To further enhance the quality of your lawn and to deal with the brown patches, you can provide additional nutrition for your soil. This can be done using standard N-P-K fertilizers. However, we strongly recommend that you use organic fertilizers which will not only enrich the soil, but also promote its health. You should start fertilizing in spring and at the beginning of growth season. Having the right fertilizing spreader would also help, so make sure you select products from the top product reviews.

Get rid of your pet’s favorite peeing spots

Even with the best Amazon products, if your cats or dogs love to do their business on your lawn, chances are that you’ll see some brown patches on the grass. This is because the acid in their urine has damaged the roots. You can fix this by flushing the area with water.

Those are the 6 only tips you’ll ever need to know when it comes to lawn maintenance. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you in our next posts.


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