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Unlock the Power of Yeast Display with Ranomics.

Ranomics specializes in yeast display, providing a unique, comprehensive service for small- and large-scale projects. With years of industry experience and advanced technology, we are committed to providing high quality, reliable and cost effective solutions for your research and development needs.

Our Yeast Display Services:

  1. Customized Protein Library Construction: Maximize your protein exploration capabilities with our highly customizable protein library construction services. Our expert team designs and constructs diverse libraries, precisely tailored to meet your specific research objectives. Unlock the potential of your protein variants and accelerate your scientific advancements.

  2. High-Throughput Screening and Selection: Gain a competitive edge by leveraging our high-throughput yeast display screening and selection services. We employ cutting-edge methodologies to efficiently screen large protein libraries, enabling rapid identification of target proteins with superior binding properties. Streamline your research and drive innovation with our accelerated screening capabilities.

  3. Protein Optimization and Engineering: Take protein engineering to new heights with our advanced yeast display technology. Our team applies iterative rounds of directed evolution to optimize and engineer proteins, enhancing critical properties such as binding affinity, enzymatic activity, and stability. Achieve tailored proteins that align with your research or biotech goals.

  4. Biologics and Antibody Discovery: Accelerate your biologics and antibody discovery programs with our specialized yeast display services. Our expertise in assembling and screening diverse antibody libraries enables the identification and isolation of high-affinity antibodies. Let our cutting-edge technology guide you towards promising leads in therapeutic development.

  5. Protein-Protein Interaction Studies: Unlock the intricacies of protein-protein interactions through our comprehensive yeast display services. Our advanced methodologies allow for in-depth analysis and elucidation of complex interactions, providing valuable insights into fundamental biological processes. Leverage our expertise to drive your drug discovery efforts with precision.

  6. Customized Assay Development: Tailor-made assays for your unique research needs. Our yeast display technology is utilized to develop custom assays, including binding assays, enzymatic activity assays, and other functional assays. Let us design and optimize assays that provide accurate and actionable data, supporting your research and biotech decision-making processes.

Why Choose Our Yeast Display Services:

  1. Expertise and Scientific Excellence: Benefit from our team's extensive expertise and commitment to scientific excellence. Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of yeast display technology and protein engineering, delivering outstanding results and collaborating with leading researchers and biotech executives.

  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay at the forefront of protein engineering with our state-of-the-art yeast display technology. We continuously invest in the latest tools and methodologies, ensuring that you have access to innovative solutions that accelerate your research timelines and biotech initiatives.

  3. Tailored Solutions for Researchers and Biotech Executives: We understand the unique needs of both researchers and biotech executives. Our services are carefully designed to cater to your specific requirements, whether you are seeking breakthrough discoveries or driving biotech innovation. Experience customized solutions that align with your goals.

  4. Data Integrity and Confidentiality: We prioritize data integrity and confidentiality. Our stringent quality control processes ensure accurate and reliable results, giving you confidence in the data we provide. Your research and intellectual property are treated with the utmost confidentiality throughout our collaboration.

Experience the power of our yeast display services and propel your protein engineering endeavors to new heights. Contact our team today to discuss your project requirements and explore how our tailored solutions can support your research or biotech initiatives. Let us be your partner in driving scientific innovation

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