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Obtain unparallel insights with mammalian display technologies

What is Mammalian Cell Surface Display Technology?

Mammalian cell surface display technology harnesses the natural machinery of mammalian cells to showcase proteins and peptides on their outer surface. By genetically engineering our proprietary cell lines, we equip them with the ability to present specific target molecules, transforming them into powerful tools for research and bioprocessing applications.

Key Benefits of Mammalian Cell Surface Displays:

  • Versatile Protein Engineering: Our technology allows precise control over the display of proteins and peptides on the cell surface, providing a versatile platform for protein engineering. This enables the discovery of novel binding molecules, the optimization of protein therapeutics, and the development of new vaccines, opening doors to innovative approaches in biotechnology.

  • High-Throughput Screening: With our mammalian cell surface display platform, you can rapidly screen large libraries of potential binders against specific targets. This accelerates the selection process for high-affinity molecules, saving valuable time and resources in drug discovery and antibody engineering. Experience increased efficiency and shorten the path to your next breakthrough.

  • Functional Protein Analysis: By showcasing proteins on the cell surface, our technology allows for the direct analysis of their functionality. This enables researchers to study protein-protein interactions, ligand binding, and signaling pathways in a more physiologically relevant context. Gain valuable insights into protein function and enhance your understanding of cellular processes.

  • Cell Line Development: We specialize in developing robust and stable cell lines engineered for mammalian cell surface display applications. Our expertise ensures that the cells maintain optimal expression levels, display functionality, and long-term stability, empowering your research with reliable tools for ongoing studies and future projects.

  • Accelerated Bioprocessing: Mammalian cell surface display technology offers significant advantages in bioprocessing. From enzyme engineering to the production of protein therapeutics, our platform expedites the screening and selection of high-performing candidates. Increase the efficiency of your bioprocesses and drive innovation in the field of bioengineering.

Partner with Us for Scientific Excellence:

At Ranomics, we are committed to delivering scientific excellence and partnering with researchers and biotech professionals to advance the frontiers of discovery. Our team of experienced scientists works closely with you, providing tailored solutions, technical support, and guidance throughout your project.

Ready to Unlock the Potential?

Embark on a transformative journey with our mammalian cell surface display technology. Contact us today to explore how our platform can elevate your research, streamline your bioprocessing, and accelerate your scientific breakthroughs. Together, let's unlock the power of cellular showcases and revolutionize the future of biotechnology.

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