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Ranomics is part of 2019's Most Promising #BioTech Solution Providers


TORONTO, CANADA - CIOReview, leading technology magazine, recently published a list of 20 Most Promising BioTech Solution Providers. In this feature, CEO Leo Wan briefly shares the story of Ranomics and insights about the current state of genomics in the biotechnology industry. Ranomics aims to help solve the problems faced by the industry today by making its platforms accessible to more researchers and scientist. 

Ranomics announces distribution agreement with Axil Scientific

TORONTO, CANADA – Ranomics, a leading provider of DNA variant libraries and screening technologies through its VariantFindTM technology, today announces a distribution agreement with Axil Scientific to bring VariantFind DNA libraries into Singapore.
“Singapore has a strong and booming synthetic biology industry and we look forward to providing researchers with rapid and cost-effective DNA tools to accelerate their research.” said Leo Wan, CEO of Ranomics. “Axil Scientific, with their strong cu...


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Science Exchange and Ranomics collaborate to offer online access to their VariantFind Mutagenesis Platform


PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Science Exchange, the world's leading and most secure enterprise platform for outsourced research and development services, announced a collaboration with Ranomics to offer online access to its mutagenesis platform to scientists around the globe.

Ranomics is a Toronto-based biotechnology company whose mission is to enable transformative discoveries using genomics. The VariantFindTMplatform offers unique mutagenesis services to build comprehensive variant lib...

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Ontario-developed technology for screening variant libraries comes of age


TORONTO, ON--(Ontario Genomics)--Ranomics is a Toronto-based genomics company specializing in high-throughput mutagenesis and functional genomics screens, for the purpose of understanding genetic variations in human health. Leo Wan and Cathy Tie, who were both researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital at the time, founded the company in 2015.
Both founders were distinguished scholars. Leo received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and was awarded the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar...

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Ranomics establishes business operations at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLabs Toronto


Toronto, ON - Ranomics is now a select member of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLabs. JLabs are Johnson & Johnson's external research and development engine, providing a capital-efficient, resource-rich environment where emerging companies can transform the scientific discoveries of today into the breakthrough healthcare products of tomorrow. JLabs Toronto is affiliated with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, The University of Toronto, MaRS Discovery District, Janssen, Inc., MaRS Innovation, and the Government of Ontario.

Ranomics partners with Castle Medical to classify VUS in clinical test


Toronto, ON - Castle Medical, a genetic testing company located in Atlanta, Georgia, has partnered with Ranomics to use its functional studies data to classify Variants of Unknown Significance in genetic tests for the BRCA1 gene. Following the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) guidelines for the interpretation of sequence variants, and in combination with its multiple gene sequencing platforms, Castle Medical plans to leverage Ranomics’ database to classify variants in genes that predispose patients to hereditary breast cancer.

Ranomics Partners With Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) To Classify Variants of Unknown Significance


Toronto, ON - BGI, global leader in genomics research and clinical applications, is actively using functional studies data provided by biotech startup, Ranomics, for gene variant classification. Ranomics’ database offers experimental data about genetic Variants of Unknown Significance (VUS), providing new insights into the function of VUS in model organisms. Following the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) guidelines for the interpretation of sequence variants, and in combination with i...

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Ranomics has recently concluded a successful variant classification project with Massachusetts-based genetic testing company, Veritas Genetics. In this study, Ranomics conducted conclusive functional studies of BRCA1 variants provided by Veritas and greatly assisted their variant classification efforts. This pilot study demonstrated the strength and reliability of functional studies in genetic variant classification as a complement to software algorithms and family based studies. Veritas is one of the first clinical laboratories to implement Ranomics’ functional data as part of their variant classification process.


Ranomics announces partnership with Interactive Biosoftware, a software company based in France that specializes in genetic variant annotation and reporting. Starting in June 2016, users of Interactive Biosoftware will have access to Ranomics’ functional data through the Alamut Visual software platform connected to Ranomics API, with the option of choosing between Ranomics’ Standard or Premium subscription packages

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