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Powering the frontier of biological discoveries

Ranomics provides ultra high-throughput screening services and tools to power scientific discoveries. With our expertise in DNA synthesis, variant libraries, protein engineering, cell engineering and genome engineering, we enable our partners to develop cell, protein and biologic products better and faster. Choose Ranomics for advanced research solutions that accelerate innovation in your industry.


Protein and Antibody 


Gene and Cell Therapy


Drug Discovery


Synthetic Biology

Our Services

DNA Variant Libraries

  • Combinatorial libraries 

       - Spread out low diversity libraries

       - Combinatorial pairwise libraries

  • Site-saturation libraries 

  • Scanning site-saturation libraries

  • Custom distribution libraries

  • Gene shuffle libraries

  • Promoter sequence libraries

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Protein Engineering 

  • Directed evolution

  • Deep mutational scanning 

  • High-throughput protein expression

  • Yeast and mammalian cell display

  • Protein-Protein interactions

  • Protein folding and stability

  • Activity and substrate specificity

  • Protein degradation

  • Cell line development 

Protein engineering .png

Antibody Engineering 

  • Immunotherapy

  • Biosensors

  • Antigen epitope mapping 

  • Affinity maturation

  • Antibody characterization

  • Antibody stability

  • Yeast and mammalian cell display 

  • Cell based antibody binding assay

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Gene & Cell Therapy

  • AAV vector optimization

  • Promoter optimization

  • Genetic engineering

  • CRISPR-Cas proteins engineering

  • CAR-T receptor improvement

  • Base-Editing enzymes enhancement

  • Transcriptional regulators' optimization

  • RNA therapeutics

  • Stable RNA interference (RNAi)

cell and gene thrapy.png

Industrial Synthetic Biology

  • Enhance enzyme stability, activity and specificity under wide range of conditions

  • Directed evolution of enzymes 

  • Metabolic engineering 

  • Strain development 

  • Proprietary Bacterial spore display technology

  • Biosensors

  • Food and Agricultural biotech

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Custom Cell Based Assays

One-pot methodologies for high-throughput variant library production and protein engineering

  • Droplet based NGS screening

  • mRNA expression studies

  • Biologics Activity Optimisation

  • Growth Analysis

  • Flow cytometry analysis

  • Flow Cytometry Cell sorting (FACS)

  • Functional Data generation  (AI-targeting)

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Ranomics Incorporated is a biotechnology service partner located in Toronto, Canada. Our company has been proudly serving both biotechnology and life science industries since 2015. In our 9 year tenure, Ranomics has grown into a reliable and trusted partner in custom DNA variant library synthesis and high-throughput screening services. Our high-throughput screening services focuses on high-throughput cell and protein characterization or engineering. The Ranomics team has successfully completed 100+ custom projects for our partners, with outcomes spanning from successful publications to validation of pre-clinical assets.

Ranomics core lab team comprises Ph.D. level scientists with extensive experience in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry and bioinformatics. Our BSL2 lab facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art high-throughput and automation equipment, enabling efficient and scalable experimental workflows for all projects.

Trusted by 100+ leading biotechnology companies and institutions
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Innovation and custom solutions are at the core of everything we do at Ranomics. Our team are experts at developing innovative genomics and screening solutions for building and engineering better life sciences products. Join top global biotech companies by meeting with our team and see how Ranomics can help you build a better biotech product


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“We are very pleased with the diversity and specific composition of the synthetic variant libraries produced by Ranomics. Our projects were executed on time or ahead of schedule and throughout the process Leo and Jonathan were always available to answer any questions we had. Working with the Ranomics team has been a pleasure ” 

—  Mara Inniss, Ph.D, Scientist, Obsidian Therapeutics

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