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DNA Variant and Mutagenesis Libraries
As low as $45.00 USD for a single residue


VariantFind is Ranomics' patent pending DNA library building technology. Using a series of in-house computational tools and multiplex PCR assembly reactions, Ranomics can construct precise scanning site-saturation libraries, single site-saturation libraries and combinatorial libraries. Our platform technology enable Ranomics to perform precise mutagenesis on long and complex sequences, in pooled or 96-well plate formats. Our stringent libraries are all sequenced verified and easily assembled into any vector for protein engineering, strain engineering or directed evolution purposes

VariantFind DNA libraries are highly advantageous over traditional chemical synthesis variant libraries. VariantFind libraries can help you achieve:

  • Precise libraries of long gene sequences (>5kb)

  • Mutate residues in complex (high- / low-GC) regions

  • Control codon distribution for multiple residues

  • Readily mutate continuous and discontinuous residues easily


DNA variant libraries are shipped in 4-6 weeks and can be delivered as linear fragments or cloned vectors, as pooled or arrayed libraries. 


DNA variant and mutagenesis libraries are invaluable tools in discovering new biology. Our precise mutagenesis libraries can be utilized in a wide array of applications:

The VariantFind Platform


Your sequence of interest

Our custom algorithm

Precise codon targeting

Enzyme mediated assembly

Library of mutations

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