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Q-Strand Synthetic DNA Fragments

Q-STRANDS are double stranded synthetic DNA fragments made to match your research needs and speed. Unlike traditional chemical synthesis, Q-STRANDS are assembled using a propriety ligation method, enabling delivery of long and complex sequences. Q-STRANDS are highly customizable and can be easily assembled into any vector.


Q-STRAND fragments have broad utility and applications in:

Q-STRAND attributes:


  • Ranomics routinely assemble long DNA fragments.

  • Q-STRANDS undergo size verification by electrophoresis

  • Assemble gene fragments of high/low-GC content or repeat sequences (upon sequence review by Ranomics).


  • No limitation on the number of non-standard nucleotides.

  • Integrate any IUPAC nucleotides (N, K, R, Y, S, W, M, B, D, H or V) anywhere in DNA fragment.

  • Receive fragments in single tubes or 96-well plate formats.


  • as low as $0.14 per base

  • Starting at $75.00 per Q-STRAND fragment

Q-STRANDS pricing and specifications

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