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Get your custom  DNA mutagenesis library

Join a community of 100+ researchers that use VariantFind mutagenesis service to build site saturation and combinatorial libraries for their bioengineering project

Highly Customizable library design

Get a DNA variant library synthesized that matches your exact needs. Customize any amino acid residue as a standalone mutation (single site saturation) or in combination (combinatorial) with other residues in your protein


Fast, Efficient and Cost-Effective

Starting as low as $45.00 per site for site saturation libraries. Receive your ready to clone library fragment in as fast as 3 weeks. 


Any sequence

From DNA promoters to antibody sequences, our expert team can build libraries on long sequence lengths and/or complex sequence composition.

DNA mutagenesis 2.png

Connect with our team

“I am very pleased with Ranomics gene synthesis and cloning service. Desired genes were delivered into custom vector. Easy communication and great customer service resulted in on-time delivery.” 

 Ana Toplak, Ph.D, Lead Biochemist, Enzypep

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