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Protein Engineering Services
One-pot high-throughput platform for enhancing any protein: enzymes, antibodies, viral proteins, membrane proteins and receptors

Ranomics offers advanced protein engineering services leveraging our innovative VERG technology platform. With VERG, we can screen diverse libraries in microbe, yeast, or mammalian cell systems, taking advantage of a one-pot screening setup where all library members are multiplexed into a single screening sample. Our systematic approach involves comprehensive screening and analysis of protein variants, allowing us to identify key residues and structural elements that contribute to desired functionalities. Through iterative cycles of design, screening, and optimization, we can fine-tune protein properties to achieve optimal performance. This approach allows us to efficiently explore a wide range of protein variants, maximizing diversity while minimizing resources and time.

One of the key advantages of using one-pot screening technologies is the scalability of screening diversity in a cost-effective manner. Our team has developed highly effective protein engineering techniques in microbe, yeast, and mammalian cells, enabling the creation of diverse and barcoded cell libraries for screening. These libraries are coupled with turn-key biochemical and biophysical screening assays capable of measuring protein-protein interactions, expression levels, and biochemical activities.

With our comprehensive suite of cell-based screening assays, Ranomics has successfully optimized a variety of proteins, including antibodies (VHH, nanobodies, scFv, Fab, IgG), industrial enzymes, synthetic biology proteins, and synthetic cells/microbes. 

Our Services

Therapeutic Antibody Development 

  • Cell display services

  • Antibody Affinity Maturation by yeast and mammalian display

  • Antibody Epitope Mapping 

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Protein Variant Libraries

  • Designing and constructing high-diversity synthetic protein libraries.

  • Combinatorial, site-saturation, scanning libraries

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Protein Expression

  • Protein expression in various expression systems: Mammalian cell, Yeast cells, E.coli, B.subtilis  

  • Ultra-high-throughput protein expression screening

  • Cell-line/ strain development 

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Enzyme Stability Engineering

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Enzyme Stability Engineering

Custom Assay Development 

  • Protein Stability Engineering - site-saturation library or combinatorial library + cell display assay

  • Functional Data generation  (AI-targeting) - Scanning SSL - any cell biology experiment - functional assay -deep sequencing.

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Case studies


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Identifying Optimal Antibody Fragments For CAR-T therapy 

Ranomics utilizes a comprehensive approach that merges proficiency in antibody engineering, high-throughput screening, and bioinformatics analysis to to rapidly identify the most effective antibody fragments for CAR-T therapy

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Request a personalized antibody engineering consultation meeting today, and let our experts guide you towards tailored solutions for your research or therapeutic development.

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