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Generate your custom AI-training dataset for biological research

At Ranomics, we specialize in building diverse DNA mutagenesis libraries and performing ultra high-throughput cell-based screenings. By coupling our screening techniques with deep sequencing readouts, we offer highly standardized, extensive and quantitative datasets for any biological event. Datasets from our experiments have been used in training and elevating machine learning algorithms.

Here's why partnering with Ranomics can be a game-changer for anyone employing machine learning algorithms to accelerate their research program

Unmatched Data Diversity 

Our proprietary DNA mutagenesis libraries are designed to encompass a wide range of genetic variations, enabling your machine learning algorithms to handle diverse scenarios with unmatched precision and adaptability.


High-Quality Data Outputs

Through our ultra high-throughput cell-based screenings, we produce large-scale data sets that capture valuable insights into cellular responses, providing a solid foundation for training machine learning algorithms. 


Customized Solutions

We understand that every organization has unique requirements. Thus, we offer tailor-made data sets and screening protocols that align seamlessly with your specific project goals.


Accelerated AI Development

By leveraging our pre-validated data sets, your team can save significant time on data collection and cleaning, focusing instead on refining algorithms and pushing the boundaries of scientific innovation.


Data Integrity and Confidentiality 

At Ranomics, we take data privacy and security incredibly seriously. Your data will be handled with the utmost care, maintaining complete confidentiality throughout the process.

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Connect with our team

“I am very pleased with Ranomics gene synthesis and cloning service. Desired genes were delivered into custom vector. Easy communication and great customer service resulted in on-time delivery.” 

 Ana Toplak, Ph.D, Lead Biochemist, Enzypep

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